PEN3D is a powerful, easy-to-use environmental noise model, available as a monthly subscription service without any lock-in contracts.  After the subscription period PEN3D is a viewer allowing previously calculated noise levels to be inspected and outputted.  Setup the data on a networked drive and share your noise models with other members of the team.  PEN3D includes an Auto-updater to automatically check the latest version and an online license checker.

PEN3D is simple enough to quickly check the expected noise levels from any noise source and investigate weather effects.  With just a few clicks a simple noise model can be developed using Google Maps to define the simulation area.  PEN3D contains inbuilt tools to permit the causes of elevated noise to be analysed and controlled.

It is also complex enough to model entire road networks, and regional noise effects.  PEN3D allows complex models to be imported from DXF.  PEN3D includes tools to split (and recombine) large domains into smaller domains to permit running on multiple computers.

Take PEN3D for a test drive.