Sometimes it is desirable to share your noise models with clients or colleagues.  On other occasions Councils or reviewing Authorities require the calculations associated with a project to be presented.  In the past the calculations may have been simply attached to a report.  Now with PEN3D subscription it is possible to actually share your work, allowing for complete transparency.  Simply export and send the directory containing all the project files and maps.  Then request they download a copy of PEN3D.  There is no costs to download and install the PEN3D noise model and it will default as a viewer of data files.  All the calculations in those files are available to be inspected as well as all the program settings.

It is a relatively simple process to export and import PEN3D projects, and the method may be found under the File menu.  This process ensures that the links inside the project management file are retained.


  • PEN3D: Share Files
  • Skills Needed: Basic familiarity with PEN3D