Hello world!

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Welcome to Noise Mapping Australia's (NMA) new web page.  NMA commenced in 2005 and we have just had our 10th  birthday.

We are the developers of PEN3D environmental noise model.  The model was conceived and written by Mark Simpson in 2002 and it has undergone constant development over the intervening period.   The current version V2.5 is an integration of various models.  The current version unlocks a number of tools that allows large complex models and changes to the interface to make development faster and more intuitive.

However, the feature that makes us happiest is the change from an outright purchase to a subscription service.  We recognise that many users only need to use a noise model for a short period, or only require one subscription and an occasional second license.    Now our users need only pay for the time they actually need the model.

We have a development program for PEN3D and future developments will be guided by our subscribers.

Data files of previous versions of PEN are compatible with the current version.  However, previous versions of PEN3D have reached end-of-development life and will not be updated.